Tick Tock: A Tale For Two

You and your friend are trapped in a mystical world.
As time ebbs away you must solve increasingly complex puzzles to escape.

Cooperation is key as neither of you have the full picture!
Play on two devices, local or remotely, all you need is a voice connection.

I worked as a Programmer and Animator.

Available for iOS, Android, Win, Mac.

The BEGA AR App makes it possible to place virtual versions of real-life lights on to up to five printed markers.

Light packages are downloadable from a server. The lights themselves can be switched on/off,and viewed in different colorations, and screenshots can get saved to the device's gallery. Additional effects - like for example a light shine representation - get generated on the fly.
The app is available in three languages and presented with a different UI for either tablets or phones.

I programmed everything except the server backend and the content downloading/updating. All light-assetbundles where created by me.
The App is available for iOS.
App Store
Bosch Intrusion

The App presents two different scenarios of buildings guarded by security measures by BOSCH, with detailed descriptions of all the connecting subysytems.

The buildings can be turned and zoomed in on to, which opens new opportunitys of interaction to the user - for example some short animations that can be triggered.
The security devices can also be browsed in a more technical view, where they get arranged in a nice loop.

The app was developed for iPad, exhibited in some tradefares and now available on the AppStore.
App Store

The app showcases the technologies E.ON uses to operate an offshore drilling rig.

The user can watch a complex animation of the drilling process from all angles when filming a marker with an iPad. Detailed information for each drill step can be read in an additional menu.
The focus there is on technical details and an in-depth description of the proceedings.

I did the programming, animation and modeling except for some drill gear models that were bought.